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It's real  to get paid by just expressing your opinion at any place or in the comfort of your home. Most companies embark on research by offering surveys to the public to seek opinions in order to improve their services or products.

These companies reward or pay real cash to the people who spend their time completing their surveys.

You could be the next person to start earning from the companies that offer paying surveys if you join today. It's completely free to join any of the survey websites.

Note : If you are from Africa or any country with less survey opportunities , check out these  6 LEGIT  AND BEST SURVEY WEBSITE PAYING WORLDWIDE.

These "6 LEGIT AND BEST SURVEY  WEBSITE PAYING  WORLDWIDE" accept every person in the world so you can join from any location or country.

Unlike the 33 BEST HIGHEST PAYING INTERNATIONAL SURVEY WEBSITES that mostly accept people from United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and sometimes Asia.




Swagbucks is a legit and best survey company which began operations in America. This American company does not offer only surveys. There are so many ways for making money online with Swagbucks. 

10 ways to earn money from Swagbucks

1.      Complete offers including Surveys and Polls

2.       Watch interesting videos 

3.        Play games online

4.      Earn commission or rewards by inviting your friends or others to join Swagbucks  with your referral code. 

5.      Set up Swagbucks as  your default search engine. The simplest way to begin making money with Swagbucks  is to switch your default search engine to Swagbucks (rather than Google or Bing). Automatically, you'll start gathering points for searching the web like the things you usually perform. You can earn around 10 to 20 SB points for every 10 to 20 searches but the final total will depend on the search queries.

6.      Download apps and games to your phone 

7.      Shop online and earn cashback. Swagbucks is one of the trusted cashback websites for shopping. More best cashback websites can be found here.

8.      Watch out for swag codes: Download the swag button browser extension to receive notifications about Swag codes as soon as they become available and get 50 SB just for installing the extension. Swag codes are codewords or phrases that the company give to create a bit of buzz around the site and get members back onto the homepage.

9.      Perform or reach daily goals: On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see “to do list” with eight different daily tasks that the site recommend you to do. Perform the tasks to accumulate points for each task you complete but you will also get bonus points for crossing off everything on your list in a day. It is very rewarding to activate the Swagbucks daily goal “Option” (you’ll see the button in the header). This will enable the site to set you a target amount of SB to aim for that day.

10.  Registering for free trials and subscribing to services like TV and online gaming can help you earn rewards or points.


Country Presence: USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia

Join Swagbucks here and claim your $5 bonus.


Survey Savvy is a trusted  and legit company which  was established in 1999. Survey Savvy pays you real cash for expressing your opinion.

Some of the ways to earn with survey savvy include

Ø   1.Completing surveys

       2.You get commission or incentive when your direct referrals complete surveys. You get       commission or incentives when your indirect referrals complete survey.


Ø    There are other tasks you can do on the site to make money.

  How much will you earn?

You get flat $3 per survey to your answers. You can double your chance of earning by referring your friends.

Join Survey Savvy now




InboxDollars is an award-winning company recognized by INC. 5000 for outstanding growth. InboxDollars has paid over $80 million in cash rewards since the year 2000 according to their website homepage


Below are some of the ways to make money on InboxDollars

  •  Take all the profile surveys

By taking the following surveys :  Interests Survey and Household survey , you are letting InboxDollars know who you are by providing the most basic information for them to send you future surveys and offers. This step is very essential. Once you’ve completed the profile survey, you are ready to go.


  • Take the “Best Survey” first

 Anytime you go to the Surveys page, make sure you take the top survey that says “Best Survey” with stars next to it. By taking “Best Survey” you are likely to qualify for that survey most.



  • Watch Videos

 Go to Videos page and watch the current and interesting content on Sports, Entertainment, and news. Earn cash as you keep on watching videos.


  • Complete Cash Offers

 Find out about over 20+ offers and services on the Offers page. Discover an offer that you are interested in, sign up and get paid just for joining or trying a free sample. There’s an offer for everyone.


  •  Make InboxDollars Search Your Homepage

You can use InboxDollars Search!  and get rewards for every 4 searches you make!  You can earn Scratch and Win progress.  Earn weekly bonuses when you search for four or more days.


  • Clip your Coupons & Purchase Coupon through InboxDollars

 You can earn cashback on Groupon when you make purchase through InboxDollars.


 With Groupon, every time you purchase a deal, you earn cash back from InboxDollars. This also applies with InboxDollars You will receive 0.10 cents for every coupon you redeem. Simply “clip” the coupons you want to use and bring them to any store. Please remember that coupons cash back take 2-3 months to appear on your earnings.


  •  Check for PaidEmail

PaidEmail  means getting paid to read email. You will receive emails to sign up and test products and services that you are interested in (based on your profile surveys). Get rewarded when you click on the magenta button that says, “Confirm this PaidEmail. If you decide to sign up for the advertised offer on the email, you will earn more cash.

Join InboxDollars now


Survey Junkie is another good survey paying website is Survey Junkie. Right after signing up and finishing your profile, you’ll start earning points.

You earn points for every survey you complete, and your points can be transferred as cash to PayPal or redeem as gift card.

Survey Junkie averagely pay from $1----$3 and the minimum to cash out is $10 (1000 points).

Eligible countries or location: United States, Canada, Australia.

Join Survey Junkie now



This survey paying website enables you to earn cash by completing online surveys and other tasks.

Branded surveys have a very navigable platform and their sign up process is fast. You’ll get 100 points just for creating an account, and also earn 10-50 points for completing “get to know you” type of survey questions that only take few minutes to be completed.

There is a Branded Elite loyalty program, where you advance through three levels---Bronze, Silver and Gold by collecting credits for each completed survey or referring others.

Remember, the higher your level, the more earning potential and better survey opportunities.

It is easy to cash out your points through PayPal Account, Branded Pay or redeem your points through gift card.

Branded Surveys have more than 2 million registered users and has paid out over $17,000,000 since its beginning.

Average payout is up to 300 points ($3) and the minimum payout is $5.


Eligible countries or location: United States, UK or Canada.

Join Branded Surveys now



Pinecone Research is another paid online survey website that pays a minimum of $3. Surveys offered by Pinecone Research usually take about 15 minutes to be completed.

You may also get an opportunity to do product testing. Pinecone Research survey’s are invite-only, so you will usually get just a few surveys offers every month.

The Good News is that this company will send you pre-qualification questions each month, and finally send you the surveys you qualify for.

You don’t actually need to waste time on survey and get disqualified.

Average payout is a minimum of $3 and it can be withdrawn through PayPal, Check or redeem as VISA gift card.

Join Pinecone Research now

                                  7. ySense

ySense was previously called Clixsense. It is a legit paid survey website for making money.

Basically, there are five ways to make money with ySense.

These include :

  • Completing Surveys

  • Taking paid offers

  • Inviting friends or others for 20% commission

  • Watching entertaining videos

  • Taking advantage of activity bonus

Eligible Countries or location : International

Join ySense here for bonuses 

8. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel started operation since 2007 with over million members. This paid survey website offers many ways for making money online.

You can make money with PrizeRebel through the following ways

  • Taking surveys

  • Completing offer walls

  • Taking tasks

  • Completing daily points

Eligible Countries or location : International

Join PrizeRebel now


Timebucks is another great survey website for earning real cash and bitcoin. 

Some of the ways for making money with Timebucks include:

  • Taking surveys

  • Viewing content

  • Posting on social media or following people on Tiktok

  • Watching entertaining videos

  • Clicking ads

  • Installing free apps

  • Searching or surfing the web

  • Playing gams

  • Completing captcha's

Eligible countries or location : International

Join Timebucks  now


Super Pay is an online community that lets you make extra cash or money for completing online surveys. Super Pay began operation in 2012 and it's still paying people for completing little tasks.

You can start making money with Super Pay by the following ways

  • Completing surveys

  • Watching entertaining videos

  • Completing paid offers etc

Eligible Countries or location : International

Join here with this promo link and receive $0.20 welcome  bonus.


Cointiply also  pay users real cash for completing surveys or offers. The average user earns up to $30 per month. You can earn $1 to $5 for completing each survey.

Below are some of the ways to make money with Cointiply

  • Complete Surveys

  • Play games for cash or rewards

  • Watch videos

  • Shop online for rewards

  • Complete offers or tasks

  • Eligible Countries or location : International

Join Super Pay now

    12. FREE CASH

Free Cash   is a reward website that pay users in cash or crypto  for completing surveys or tasks. You can earn $1 every 5---10 minutes by completing task on free cash.

Tasks on Free Cash includes :

  • Completing surveys

  • Taking offer walls

  • Downloading apps for cash or money

The easiest and simplest offers or tasks can always be found at the top of the Earn Page.

  • Eligible Countries or location : International

Join Free Cash here and earn bonuses. 



13. Zen Survey   Eligible Countries : US,UK, France, Canada, Australia, Germany. Join now

14. Opinion  Bereau  Eligible Countries :US, Australia, Germany   Join now

15. Life points Eligible Countries : International  Join now

16. Survey Club  Eligible Countries Canada, US   Join now

 17. Opinion World  Eligible Countries  International  Join now

18. Toluna Opinions  Eligible Countries  International    Note: Toluna Opinion has website address for each country, so search Toluna Opinion on Google and get access to the website address in your region or location .

19. One Opinion  Eligible Countries : US, UK     Join now 

20.Harris Poll Online Eligible Countries : Canada, US   Join now

21. Univox Community   Eligible Country International    Join now

22. IPSOS Panel  Eligible Countries  International/Global       Join now 

23. Grab Points  Eligible country : US   Join now

24. Opinion Outpost  Eligible Countries  UK,US,CA  Join now

25. The Panel Station  Eligible Countries  : International (US, Germany, Indonesia, UK, Australia etc)  Join now

26. Survey Yeah  Eligible Countries : International ---Accessible to 123 countries in the world  Join now

27. YouGov Panel  Eligible Countries: International---Accessible to 30 countries in the worldJoin now 

28. Panel Base  Eligible Country : UK     Join now

29. American Consumer Opinion  Eligible Countries or continents :  United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia   Join now

30. Survey Momma : Eligible Countries : International Join now

31. E-Poll Surveys  Eligible Country : US   Join now.

32. Your Opinion Eligible Country : Australia Join now

33. Your Survey Router  Eligible Country : International  Join now

Final Words :

It's advisable to join 8 or more paying survey websites if you want to make good income completing surveys or little tasks.

Joining many paying survey websites will boost your monthly earnings.

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