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It really hurts when you visit PayPal website with the intention of creating an account for receiving money but you finally realize that your country is not available on their website.

I feel your pain. But, don’t worry there is a way out.

If I can manage my verified PayPal account in countries which are not available on PayPal website, then you too can have a verified PayPal account in your own country which is not supported by PayPal.

Now, let’s look at the information you need for creating a PayPal account.

  • Your Real Full Name
  • Your Real Email Address
  • Your Real Phone Number
  • Your Real Date of Birth
  • Your Real Addresses (Street address of your home or business location)
  • Your Real ID number (Could be any one of these: Driver’s / NHIS / Voter’s) 
  • Your Real Town or Region
  • A debit card that is not tied to any bank account. Example of this debit card is Africard, issued by United Bank of Africa.

Basically, there are two types of accounts offered by PayPal. They include……

  • Personal Account

With this account, you can shop in your country and around the world from your computer or on your mobile - all without sharing your financial info with the sellers.

  • Business Account

With this account, you can accept payments and send invoices to your customers. It’s easier and more secure to sell to anyone at anywhere, and any time.

Let me quickly share the tricks you will adopt to create an account with PayPal. First, remember that your country does not qualify to create an account, so we are going to you use a PayPal web address of a different country that qualifies to create the account.

Assuming you are a Ghanaian and you want to create a PayPal account in Ghana. We will use Kenya to create the account because Ghana is not available on PayPal website.

Note: Do not use VPN or proxies to switch your location to Kenya. I repeat, do not use VPN, proxy or public Wi-Fi areas to sign into your PayPal account. And make sure you use only one device to sign in your PayPal Account always. PayPal is very strict so if you use VPN or proxy, they will suspend or close down your account just one day.

We are still using Kenya as our country, so type the PayPal web address of Kenya in a browser and visit the link to open the homepage of PayPal Kenya.

 Here, we go

  • Visit PayPal Kenya via this link:  (Note: Always use this link or web address to log into your PayPal account if you want to manage it.)

  • Click on the "Sign Up" button at the top right-corner of the page
  • Select a business account or a personal account and click continue.


  • We will use a business account for this exercise. Enter your real email address and Click on continue


  •  Fill in the details with your real credentials and Click on "Agree and Continue" button. Check the images below for reference.
  • Select your business type, the category, the sub-category and your business website address in case you have one. I will advice you to leave the country tour business was formed empty because Ghana is not in the list and Click Continue
  •  Fill your nationality details by selecting the country as Ghana. Select a national identity document whether a Driver's License, Passport or National ID. Then enter your Ghanaian ID Number and your real Date Of Birth. Check your Home address as your Business Address. Continue from there by clicking the "Submit" button.
  • If you are seeing the image below, then click on "Set Up Payments" button.

I have my account setup now. So how do I get it fully verified?

To verify your PayPal account in Ghana, we will need to confirm two things.

  • The first is to confirm your Email Address

So how do we go about this.

  • First you will have to click "Profile" at the top-right corner of the PayPal account dashboard next to the "Logout" button
  • From the dropdown under the To-do-list, Click “Confirm Email Address".

  •  After the click, you will be logged out and asked to log in again. After you enter you email address and password and login. Click on "Edit"


  • Click on confirm email address and go to your mail to click on the confirmation link from PayPal.
  • The last verification is to link and confirm your debit or credit card. Click on the button and fill in your debit or credit card details to link to your account.

  • Click on Link a credit or debit card and then click on Debit or credit card
  • Enter your card number, type, expiration date, CVV and billing address.
  • Click Link Card.

In some cases, you may need to confirm your card with PayPal by requesting a PayPal code. PayPal will charge US $ 1.95 from the card. Therefore, you must load your card with some amount of cash before you link it to your PayPal account. Remember, PayPal will refund the US $1.95 charge after successful confirmation.

How to enter the PayPal Code receive along the US $1.95 charge?

Navigate back to your Wallet and then to the card that needs to be confirmed. Enter the 4-digit code that appeared on your bank statement or transaction history along with US $1.95 charge from PayPal and click confirm.

Why is it important and must to link a debit card that is not tied to any bank on your PayPal account?

If you connect your local bank account to your PayPal account, your location will be revealed or identified by PayPal, therefore you will face many challenges or it may not even work because the location of local bank does not qualify to create an account.

Always use a debit card that is not tied to any bank to confirm your account and make withdrawal. A typical example of a debit card that’s not tied to any bank account is Africard, introduced by United Bank of Africa.

UBA Africard
 I hope you are now satisfied. Don’t hesitate to share your view on this post.

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