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There are so many legit ways to invest online and make money. You can even start making money online through trading.

Though engaging in online trading such as Forex Trade or Binary Option may yield profit, the truth is that you make all the decision even when things are going bad. Online trading always requires you to be online studying signals, therefore making you addictive like gambling.

If you want to invest online and do other important things without stressing yourself, then I recommend these two (2) Platforms to you.  

One of the best platforms for investors who want to spend their time doing other things whilst earning interest or returns on their investment is BlockFi.



BlockFi is a crypto investment website or company which was founded in August 2017 by Flori Marquez and Zac Prince.


BlockFi offers loans, crypto savings account and also allows you to lend and earn interest on your holdings or deposits. 

BlockFi is based in New Jersey, U.S.A and it's trusted by over 1M+ verified clients and 350 global institutions to manage over $10b in assets.

According to Yahoo Finance " BlockFi crypto credit cardholders are getting a better deal than expected...…."


BlockFi made it on "Forbes 2021 Fintech 50 List"



Benefits for Investing with BlockFi

·   Fees: There is no fees or commission for making deposit.

·   Location: BlockFi is regulated and located in U.S.A.

·   Interest Account: This account will help you earn interest daily on your cryptocurrency and it is paid monthly. Interest could be earned up to 9% APY especially USDT (Tether).

·   Loan: You don’t need to sell your bitcoin or cryptocurrency if you need money. Just use your crypto asset as collateral for loan.

·   Who can Join? Any person can join and most U.S States with few exceptions to watchlist countries. Sign up here and enter this promo code for free $10 USD. 

·  Trade: This platform is exchanging currencies or trading currencies.


·  Coins:  BlockFi offers BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, and GUSD on their platform.

·  Security: BlockFi stores its crypto assets in cold storage. Cold Storage refers to crypto asset that are stored offline, making it more secure.



BlockFi is backed by prominent investors including Valar Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Fidelity, Akuna Capital, Sofi, PJC, Arrington Capital, Avon Ventures, Castle Island, Consensys, Kenetic etc


This company buys SEC-regulated futures investment regulated by the U.S Government.

·  Insurance: Digital asset insurance provided by Gemini protect users against the loss of cryptocurrency related to security breaches, fraudulent transfers or employee theft. Crypto Assets of BlockFi are being managed by its institutional partner, Gemini.



Gemini Trust Company, LLC, is a New York trust company regulated by the New York State Department of financial services.

· Withdrawal: Deposit and withdraw anytime. Note:  If you want to make deposit and get the free $10 USD promo package, you have to allow your deposit to be in your BlockFi account for 30 days before you can get the bonus.


It is very important to note that BlockFi offers one free withdrawal per month for BTC, LTC, GUSD, USDC, BUSD, PAX, DAI and USDT. Making withdrawals more than one in a month attract fees or charges


·  Customer ServiceWhile other online investment companies or websites do not provide phone numbers for their customers, BlockFi offers Phone number and they can be contacted through this Phone number 1-646-779-9688 from Monday----Friday from 9:30 am –5:00pm ET. Customers or clients can also e-mail them through

Should I use or invest with BlockFi?

Keep in mind that BlockFi is best for earning interest daily on cryptocurrency. This platform can also be used for borrowing bitcoin or cryptocurrency. As at now, BlockFi offers 9% APY interest on this stable coin, Tether (USDT) which is good to buy and invest for interest.

How to invest at BlockFi and earn FREE $10 USD bonus in BTC?

  • Sign up for BlockFi account with this promotional link here.

  • Buy tether (USDT---Interest Rate up 9%) or any cryptocurrency from this trusted company and get another free $10 USD.

  • Transfer your cryptocurrency which must be worth $100 USD or more to your BlockFi account for 30 days or more.

  • Now, transfer your coins or crypto from your BlockFi wallet to your BlockFi interest account.

After 30 days, you will get free $10 USD in BTC from BlockFi in addition to the interest your deposit earned or generated within the period.

BlockFi Verification

  • After creating or registering an account with this BlockFi promotional code : 8d6f80a4, log into your e-mail inbox to confirm your e-mail address.

  • Log into your BlockFi Account and select "individual" if you are investing for an individual.

  • Enter your Country Name, Street Address and other details

  • Continue filling the spaces with your personal information, then click on "Complete Identity Verification" and select  "Begin Verifying." 

  • Select your country and continue to choose the Government ID or document you want to use for verification. Government issued ID's or documents such as National ID Card, Passport or Driving License can be used during verification.

  • NOTE:  Please, don't select "Upload a Photo" to submit your ID Card or document.  Scanned or copied ID or documents will be rejected by the system.

  • So, click on the " Camera Icon" in the blue button to capture  the front of your ID Card in a good daylight and click on "Use this photo," if the picture is clear.

  • Repeat the same process to capture the back of your ID and submit it for verification.

  • NOTE : The arrangement of your name on the ID Card ,documents or Utility bill for verification must be the same as the name you enter on the BlockFi's platform when creating account.

  • If you have first name, surname and middle name on your document, enter your first name, surname and middle name exactly at the required spaces on BlockFi's platform to make your verification process successfully.

  • If your name or arrangement of your name on your documents mismatch the one used to create account with BlockFi, the system will reject your documents, making your verification unsuccessful.

Now, let us look at another good investment platform called Cake Defi.  

Cake Defi

Cake Defi is another good and legit investment platform to earn interest or returns without stressing yourself.

Cake Defi was founded in June 2019 by Julian Hosp and U-Zyn Chua. It is based in Singapore, where the rule of law and regulatory enforcement are normally regarded as the best in the world.

Cake Defi also operates under the Monetary Association of Singapore’s strict regulatory standards and a member of Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprise and Start-Ups Singapore and the Singapore Fintech Association.

Making Money with Cake Defi

Cake Defi offers these products for making money.

1.     Staking

Staking simply means putting coins or tokens into so-called “nodes” to verify transactions for cryptocurrencies using the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Stakers get staking rewards for offering this service. The rewards changes from coin to coin.

Cake Defi provides the following coins for staking

  • Dash (DASH)

  • DeFi chain (DFI)

Two ways to take part in staking

  • Transfer your coin into your Cake Defi account

  • Exchange the coin you bought (BTC/ETH/DFI) with your desired coin

To do this

  • Click on “Products” in the upper left corner and select “Staking.”

  • Click at your desired coin on “STAKE

  • Choose any coin available to buy your staking shares


How to move your staking coin to your Cake Defi Account

  • Click on “Balances” in the upper right corner of your profile

  • Click on “Deposit” right next to your desired coin


  • Now, send your coins to this address. Note: Transfer ONLY the chosen coin to this address.

  • Note that staking has no minimum term. You can take part or exit from staking service at any time.


 Interest on Staking

Cake Defi offers 40.2% interest on Defi in staking for every 12 hours.

2.     Lending

Lending service of Cake Defi will help you earn passive income (Cash Flow) on your bitcoins, ether, USD Tether and USD Coin. 

Note that your capital plus interest or returns are fully assured and safe, with possible bonuses.


              Interest on Lending

The highest interest offered by Cake Defi on lending  is 7% APY.


Steps to start lending for interest

  • In your Cake Defi Account, click on lending

  • Scroll down until you see your desired (BTC/ETH/USDT/USDC)

  • Click on “Enter”

  •  Now, enter your desired contribution and make your crypto work for you.

  • Note that your interest or returns will be credited directly into your account every 4 weeks.


3.     Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining will enable you to earn a high rate when you make a deposit of crypto into shared liquidity mining pools to mine popular coin pairs. Liquidity Mining usually takes place when two trading pairs are fed into the system by independent liquidity miners. For example, BTC—DFI.

Liquidity Miners are those who put money into the system and get rewards known as “Liquidity Mining Rewards.” These rewards can be up 1000% APY, especially at the beginning of the DeFi Chain DEX.

The process of providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges using cryptocurrency is known as liquidity mining. Liquidity Miners also get a share of the exchange fees which is 0.2%.


Steps to take part in liquidity mining

  • Click here to sign up.

  • Click on “liquidity mining” under “products” in the top menu

These liquidity pools will show up

  • BCH---DFI


  • After selecting a liquidity pool, click on “ADD LIQUIDITY.”

  • Now, enter your desired amount. Note: For the counter pair, the amount will be adjusted automatically so that they will be in proportion.

  • Click on “Add” once you have selected your amount.


  • After clicking on “ADD,” a security warning will show up, make sure you read and understand it before you click on confirm.

Cake Defi is a good platform that enables us to generate cash flow and use the benefits of Decentralized Finance.

Users of Cake Defi receive their rewards in DFI because it is built on the DeFi chain and the DFI is its native token.


                        4. Freezer

Freezer is a loyalty program that rewards you for entrusting your funds or money with Cake Defi for a certain period of time, starting from just 1 month up to 10 years.

Under freezer program, the money you lock up in the freeze program are spread or use in the staking and liquidity mining products which earns you reward.

Remember, the regular freezer gives you up to an 85% rebate on the fees Cake Defi takes. Anyway, APY for staking DFI in freezer changes sometimes.


How to use freezer to receive more rewards?

  • Ensure that you already have funds assigned or apportion towards staking or liquidity mining.

  • Check your Cake DeFi account and click on freezer.

  • Choose the asset you want to freeze (Staking / liquidity mining shares)

  • Choose the length of time you want to freeze your funds and receive higher rewards.


  • Click  on "freeze now."

                  5. Learn and Earn

Now, Cake Defi has added surveys or short quizzes about cryptocurrencies to their platform under the “Learn and Earn” page.

For every multiple choice quiz you get right, you earn $1 USD. This takes few minutes to be completed or done.

This new program is eligible to users who joined Cake Defi from October 2021 till now.


How to sign up or register?

  • Documents needed for approval include Valid National ID and utility bill (proof of address)

  • Other things which you will be required to do is verification (completing of KYC) and taking selfie with a sheet of paper showing your name and Cake Defi’s name on it.

  • After submitting your information, it will take some few hours or few days for your account to be approved.

  • Sign up here with this promotional link and get $30 USD bonus instantly after making your first deposit of $50 or more.

  • When you sign up here and get the bonus, it will be kept in the freezer for 180 days and automatically gives staking returns.

Depositing funds into Cake Defi Account.

To start investing with Cake Defi, you must first put cryptocurrency into Cake Defi account.

This can be done through

  • Buying cryptocurrencies with real cash or money

  • Click here and buy cryptocurrency for instant $10 USD bonus.

  • After buying bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you can swap it in your Cake Defi. If you want to change your cryptocurrency or coin.

  • Now, go to profile in the upper right corner and choose balance.

  • Click on swap and the dialog for swapping cryptocurrencies will appear.

  • On the left, enter the amount of coins you need to buy.

  • The matching counter value will be calculated automatically on the right side.

  • When the procedure is finished, click next and buy


Transferring from blockchain to wallet.

  • Choose the deposit for the currency we want to deposit in the balance overview. The wallet address will be presented via QR Code.

  • We also have the chance to copy the address from below the QR Code.

  • Use this address as the destination address when transferring cryptocurrency from another platform to Cake Defi.

  • Note: Apart from bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USD Tether, USDC, and others attract one time deposit fee or charge of  $130 USD on Cake Defi platform. You can even transfer funds into your Cake Defi account and get negative balance because of this fee or charge.

  • So, it’s advisable to transfer or deposit bitcoin in your Cake Defi account. You can change your coin from bitcoin to other cryptocurrency or coin on Cake Defi’s platform through swapping.


 Cake Defi Security

  • Cake Defi boats of its transparency in all transactions on their platform.

  • They post quarterly reports on their YouTube Channel to prove the safety of our crypto asset.

  • Any person can track all the transactions of Cake Defi because their master-node pools blockchain address are public.

  • Cake Defi stores our crypto asset in cold storage. Cold storage means storing or keeping crypto asset in an offline storage facility.

  • Putting crypto asset or funds into cold storage prevents hackers from having access to our funds.

  • Cake Defi sends reports regarding your investment through e-mails to make you get updated about your finances.


Which one to choose for investment: BlockFi or Cake Defi?

  • For Lending, choose BlockFi and earn the highest interest on lending.

  • BlockFi offers 9% APY interest on this stable coin, Tether (USDT) whilst Cake Defi offers 7% APY interest.

  • Lending at BlockFi with this crypto, Tether (USDT) is the best because it has higher interest rate than Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins.

Cake Defi is also best for staking, liquidity mining and freezing crypto asset.

  • Cake Defi offers 40.2% interest on Defi in staking for every 12 hours, 69.29% interest every 12 hours for this crypto pair (USDT—DFI) in liquidity mining and the regular freezer gives you up to an 85% rebate on the fees Cake Defi takes.

  • Copy and use this promo code: 8d6f80a4  to join BlockFi and get free $10 USD if you deposit $100 or more and keep it in your account for 30 days.


Join Cake Defi here with this promotional link and get free $50 USD in freezing account if you deposit $50 USD or more.

Getting bonuses or free money

To qualify for welcome bonuses always, it is better to deposit more than the minimum deposit of BlockFi ($100 USD) and Cake Defi ($50). This is because transferring crypto or coin into your investment account may attract charges or fees and reduce the minimum deposit which will disqualify you from getting the welcome bonuses.

Cake Defi Verification

  • NOTE : The arrangement of your name on the ID Card ,documents or Utility bill for verification must be the same as the name you enter on the Cake Defi's platform when creating account.

  • If you have first name, surname and middle name on your document, enter your first name, surname and middle name exactly at the required spaces on Cake Defi's platform to make your verification process successfully.

  • If your name or arrangement of your name on your documents mismatch the one used to create account with Cake Defi, the system will reject your documents, making your verification unsuccessful.

Final Words

Though every investment involves risk, I have never regretted investing with  these  two trusted companies BlockFi and Cake Defi.

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