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Are you looking for legit and easy online jobs? Do you want to use your phone or a computer to make money at home or at any place?

Are you working and you want different ways to diversify or increase your income? If yes is your answer to the above questions, then you are at the right place.

The internet has made it easy to make money at home or anyplace with the help of mobile phone or computer. Now, you can start making money by completing a variety of little tasks at the trusted websites below.



Swagbucks is a legit American Company that pays you for using your phone or computer to complete simple tasks online.

    10 ways to earn money from Swagbucks

1.      Complete surveys and polls

2.       Watch entertaining videos on Swagbucks

3.        Play games online

4.      Earn referral income by inviting your friends or others to join Swagbucks   with your referral code. Both of you and your friend will earn SB points for joining Swagbucks through this link.

5.      Make Swagbucks your default search engine. The easiest way to start earning is to switch your default search engine to Swagbucks (rather than Google or Bing). You will automatically start gathering points for searching the web like the things you normally do. You can earn around 10 to 20 SB points for every 10 to 20 searches but the final total will depend on the search queries.

6.      Download apps and games to your phone

7.      Shop online and earn cashback. Swagbucks is one of the trusted cashback websites for shopping. More best cashback websites can be found here.

8.      Watch out for swag codes: Download the swag button browser extension to receive notifications about Swag codes as soon as they become available and get 50 SB just for installing the extension. Swag codes are codewords or phrases that the company give to create a bit of buzz around the site and get members back onto the homepage.

9.      Achieve daily goals: On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see “to do list” with eight different daily tasks that the site recommend you to do. Do the tasks to gather points for each task you complete but you will also get bonus points for crossing off everything on your list in a day. It is very rewarding to activate the Swagbucks daily goal “Option” (you’ll see the button in the header). This will enable the site to set you a target amount of SB to aim for that day.

10.  Signing up to free trials and subscribing to services like TV and online gaming can make you earn a point.


Country Presence: USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia. 

Join Swagbucks here and claim your $5 bonus.

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This company is reliable and legit and it was established in 1999. Survey Savvy pays you real cash for sharing your opinions.

Some of the ways to earn with survey savvy include

Ø   1.Completing surveys

       2.You get commission or incentive when your direct referrals complete surveys. You get       commission or incentives when your indirect referrals complete survey.


Ø    There are other tasks you can do on the site to make money.

  How much will you earn?

You get flat $3 per survey to your answers. You can double your chance of earning by referring your friends.

Join Survey Savvy now


Time bucks is a legit reward website that pay you real cash and bitcoin for doing different tasks online. Time bucks is also rated excellent on trust pilot and have 980+ reviews.

How to make money on Time bucks?

  • Ø  Viewing content


    Ø  Completing surveys


    Ø  Posting on social media or following people on Tiktok.


    Ø  Watching entertaining videos


    Ø  Clicking ads


    Ø   Installing free apps


    Ø  Searching or surfing the web


    Ø  Playing games


    Ø  Completing captcha’s


    Ø  Earning a commission for referring friends or others

Who can join Time bucks?

Time bucks accept people from any country. It is a worldwide program and anyone can join.

How will Time bucks pay you?

They pay through

  •  Payoneer
  •  Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Neteller

Wait no more! Sign up here and claim your free $1 bonus. It’s time to make real cash with Time bucks.


Cointiply basically pays it’s customers in bitcoin so if you are interested in doing little task online for bitcoin or cash, I will recommend Cointiply for you.

How to earn on cointiply?

  • Taking surveys
  • Using bitcoin faucet
  • Clicking on ads
  • Playing multiplier game and more

The pay-out threshold is $3.50. If you reach the threshold and you don’t withdraw, cointiply will give you interest for keeping your earnings longer in your account.

Join Cointiply now. 


Honey Gain is a very trusted and comfortable way to earn money without doing anything other than having the app on your device. I earn effortlessly passive income while letting it run on my phone.

How to make money with Honey Gain?

You will earn by sharing unused internet so it mostly benefits people with unlimited or constant internet connection.

Having your internet on whilst you open honey gain app will easily help you earn a bit of extra money.

   How do I get paid?

The payment methods include

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal

Honey Gain will give you $5 welcome bonus now if you join here with their link.

Claim $5 welcome bonus from honey gain now.


ySense, formally called Clixsense is legit and one of the big companies in the Get-paid to sites industry.

Personally, I have been using ySense for more than two years and it has been serving as a passive income to me.

5  ways to make money on ySense

Ø    1. Completing surveys. Regularly, you need to keep visiting the site each day to check if       you have a new survey or offer.

Ø   2.Taking paid offers will also help you increase your money. 

Ø   3. Invite friends by sharing your referral links with friends or others to earn 20% commission of whatever the people you refer earn.

Ø   4. Watch entertaining videos. There are entertaining videos for you to watch on ySense in  order to earn around $0.02-$0.03. This income looks pretty small. But as time goes on, it will increase if you keep on being busy on the site.

 Note: ySense’s short videos are not even available for every country.

Ø   5.Activity Bonus: If you have a certain activity every day, you will get an extra bonus called Daily Checklist Bonus.

  How do you get paid?

The payment methods include  Payoneer

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Dwolla
  • Tangocard

 Who can join?

It’s a global or worldwide program so anybody can join at anyplace.

Join ySense now.


Money SMS is free App which gives way to make easily money automatically by receiving SMS. Money SMS is legit and I have been using it for the past three years.


How much can you earn?

Money SMS pay in Euros and you will be 0.02 when you receive test messages. You can withdraw your money when you reach 2.00 Euros.

How do you withdraw?

The pay-out methods include

  1.  Bitcoin: If you have blockchain account, you can use your bitcoin address to receive             payment.

ü    2.   PayPal

What to do to make money with Money SMS?

Ø     1. Download Money SMS App from here. 

        2. Use this Referral Code: 364F7084DA for registration or signing up.

Ø     3Make sure you open the App on your phone any time you connect your internet. The  App only works when your internet is on.

Once you are logged into the Money SMS App, you will occasionally receive a message. Remember, the amount of message you receive largely depends on your location. 

I like Money SMS because you earn a passive income without doing anything. The Good News is that Money SMS App does not also consume more data.

How to increase your income with Money SMS?

Invite friends and others: If you share your referral code with friends or others for them to join, Money SMS will pay you 30% commission of your friends earning or income. 

Note: The 30% commission will only reflect or show in your account when your friends or the people you referred make their first withdrawal.

Use this Referral Code: 364F7084DA for registration or signing up.

Who can join?

It’s a global or worldwide program so anybody can join at anyplace.

Simcash is also a messaging company that pays you for receiving SMS /Text messages on your android phone daily.

You can be paid by Simcash in your favourite cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ripple. Other pay-out methods available include PayPal and bank account.

Simcash give the full control over the message you would like to receive “Decide how many SMS your Sim can send daily, weekly or monthly. You can also decide day-by-day how much to be paid for every SMS sent.”

You can control all sims remotely directly from the app, change the price and limits of your sim stack in a snap.

                                 How to start using Simcash.oi App?

1. Download Simcash.oi App here

2. Use this Referral Code :G9GNY for registration or signing up.

3. Make sure you open the App on your phone any time you connect your internet. The App only works when your internet is on.






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