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make money on Facebook
Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world, with 2.895 billion monthly active users in 2021.

Considering the number of people that uses Facebook monthly, it’s good to act fast and turn Facebook into money making machine.

Actually, you don’t need to be a business owner, an educated person, a politician, a marketer, an influencer, or a celebrity before you start making money on Facebook.

Anybody can make money on Facebook with persistent and little effort. You just don’t need to give up if your campaign failed for the first time.

Using Facebook as a side hustle is the best, but remember that business goes on well when there is trust.

You have to make sure your Facebook profile looks exactly like you, put your personal photo or business logo in your profile picture or cover section. Doing this will help you build credibility and distinguish yourself from scammers and fraudsters on Facebook. With your location, don’t choose New York whilst you live in Lagos.

Make sure you use correct location and information. Moreover, it’s good to add your contacts for customers to communicate with you.

After setting up a very trustworthy profile, make sure you work hard to increase the number of your friends or followers on your page.

Try as much as possible to exhaust the 5000 friends limit offered by Facebook.

If you have a page too, create a very quality and engaging post on your page and share it in groups or boost it with Facebook ads. This will help you get more page likes and followers.

You can also create your own Facebook group on what you want to promote or sell in order to get many potential customers. Following the above tips will enable you to be successful.

                   Below are the 8 Ways to Make Money on Facebook.

             1.  Do affiliate marketing

If you have many friends or followers on Facebook, either on your page or personal account, you can start promoting or advertising products and services of other businesses for commission.

As an Affiliate marketer, you will have to talk about a product or a service on your profile or page and add your affiliate link to it. Anytime, someone clicks on your affiliate link to buy something, you earn a commission (a percentage on the selling price of products and services).

                        Where can I register as an Affiliate Marketer?

Examples of places to register as an affiliate marketer include eBay, Commission Junction, Amazon Associate, ClickBank and Shareasale.

Note: It’s FREE to register as an Affiliate Marketer


              2.   Post videos on Facebook

Making money on Facebook through publishing videos looks similar to YouTube monetization.

post videos on facebook

You can make a very entertaining video, post it on Facebook and get paid on advert sales as people watch your video.

Facebook generously gives 55% of the revenue generated to the video creator and keeps 45%.


           3.  Sell your own products

Apart from selling for other businesses for commission, you can also sell your own products on Facebook.

You can sell anything such as used cars, new cars, clothes, footwears, books, mobile phones and services like barbering, make-up etc.

                     The only things you can’t sell on Facebook include:

  •  Alcohol

  •  Illegal drugs

  •  Tobacco

  • Firearms or Guns

  •  Animals

  • Real Money gambling products

  • Certain healthcare products

               4.  Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Aside selling on your profile, page or in groups, you can also sell products on Facebook Marketplace and make money.

The Marketplace is free to use so anybody can take advantage of it.

Facebook marketplace

At Facebook marketplace, your products or services will easily be accessible to even people living outside your country.

               5. Create Facebook Ads

It’s a fact that not every business owner has the skill for running Facebook ads, therefore if you can create Facebook ads, then you have a lot of money to make.

You can start your own business on Facebook by creating Ads for local businesses in your area or country.

Never ignore this business idea even if you don’t have the skill for running Facebook Ads.

By Googling “How to run Facebook Ads Effectively”, you will get enough information that will prepare you to start your own business.

For you to get a client, you must approach local business owners and let them know the benefits they will derive from running Ads on Facebook which attract over 2 billion users every month.

Honestly, care must be taken when charging your client or customer. First, you must consider the charges you will pay to Facebook for running the ads. Secondly, you also have to take into consideration your service fee before billing your client.

A person I know called Bobby is doing a similar business and generating enough revenue. He teaches people how to make an extra $1,000 or more a month for running Facebook ads for other companies and blogs. He’s popularly known as Millennial Money Man and has create a course called The Facebook Side Hustle Course.

He began creating ads for other people as a side hustle and it turned into real revenue. 

      6. Work as a Social Media Manager

Nowadays, companies or businesses post jobs looking for people to manage their social media accounts on their behalf.

If you have skills in crafting post and engaging others on Facebook, you can get paid to manage corporate social media accounts.

Social Media Manager

                     What you may do as Social Media Manager include:

  •  Scheduling social media posts

  • Responding to comments

  • Creating social media graphics

  •  Monitoring ad campaign metrics

  • Building the audience size

It’s very convenient working as a social media manager. You may even do your work at home.

               7.   Apply for Job

There is a job board on Facebook to help you find a new job. By visiting the “job tab,” regularly, you may end up finding your dream job.

online jobs

You will find both full-time and part-time jobs for numerous companies or businesses in this page, so scroll down and get access to all the opportunities.

             8.   Do fundraising

If you own or work with an NGO or Non-Profit Organization, you can create a fundraising page on Facebook and use it raise money for your organization.

You can also use this feature on Facebook to raise money for personal cause.

After reading this post to this point, I believe you have found interest in at least one of ways of making money on Facebook.

A lot of people are making money on Facebook through the 8 strategies discussed above. You can also do it if you don’t give up. 

Please ! If you still have something bothering your mind, feel free and ask me in the comment section below.


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