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I hope you are tired of losing football bets 
Relax! Do you place a bet on football matches for fun or you bet for profit (return on investment)?


If you spend your hard-earned money to bet on football matches for fun, then stop reading this article.


I wrote this article for people who consider football betting as business or a form investment that must yield returns or profit all the time.


You must treat football betting as a form of business or investment and find strategies or ways that will always help you win so that your hard earned-money will not go waste. 


The truth is that the favourite team does not always win, so choosing the “Win Market” or even “Win or Draw Market” will most likely make you lose your bet.

Just recently, on Saturday 4th December 2021, West Ham beats Chelsea 3:2, causing great upset and disappointment to punters or bettors.


On that day, every punter or bettor who betted on Chelsea to win against West Ham lost their bet, hence losing money to bookies.

Chelsea vrs West Ham

On the same Saturday, 4th December 2021, Atlético Madrid was beaten by Mallorca 2:1.

Atletico Madrid vrs Mallorca

Before Atletico Madrid lost to Mallorca, they played six (6) La-Liga Matches without LOSS and even beat the following big teams: Barcelona 2 to Nill, Real Betis 3 to Nill and made Draw with Valencia and Real Sociedad.

Atletico Madrid was the favourite but surprisingly, they were beaten by Mallorca 2: 1 at home.

On Sunday, 23rd January 2022, this team "Elche" surprised the world by drawing with Real Madrid at home. The result of the match was "Draw" so any person or punter who betted on Real Madrid to win the Match lost his or her money.

Why is it that the “Win Market” or the “Win or Draw” market do not mostly work?


Red Card: Most of the times, Red Cards influence the result of the game. If you bet on a team to win a match and that team get Red Card, you may lose your bet. A typical example is the match between Chelsea and West Bromwich which took place on Saturday, 3rd April 2021.


Who ever thought that Chelsea would lose to West Bromwich after beating Atletico Madrid Home and Away in the Champions League, beating Everton at Stamford Bridge, drawing with Liverpool at Anfield and drawing with Manchester United and Leeds United under their new manager, Thomas Tuchel.


The Red Card given to Chelsea’s defender, Thiago Silva changed the game, so West Brom beat Chelsea 5:2 on that day.


Chelsea vrs West Brom


Line-Up: Football gamblers or punters place a bet before they even get to know the line-up of the team. If the team’s manager decides to rest some key players and you place “Win” or “Win or Draw” bet on them in advance, you may lose your bet.


Injuries: If a team’s key players are injured or a team has a long list of injuries and you place “Win” or “Win or Draw” bet on them, you may lose your bet. A typical example was the match between Manchester City and Leeds Utd which took place on Saturday 10th April 2021.

On that day, Man City’s Manager Pep Guardiola rested some Key Players including Kevin De Bruyne, Mahrez, Foden, Gundogan etc


Interestingly, Leeds United scored at the 42nd minutes and continued to lead until Pep Guardiola later brought in Gundogan and Foden.

 At the end of the match, Leeds Utd beat Manchester City 2:1.

Manchester City vrs Leeds United

Match Fixing: Believe me or not, match fixing is real in football. Match fixing occurs in most of the leagues or tournaments we bet on them.

There are many instances where the score line of a match and how the goals will even be scored comes out before the match starts.

This match fixing in football can make you lose your bet if you choose “Win” or “Win or Draw” market.

Warning: Even though match fixing exists, make sure you don’t get scammed by fraudsters who claim they have “Fixed Matches.” A word to a wise is enough.


Fatigue: Most of the big teams who are always favourite to win a football match lose their matches against small teams or teams in relegation zone because of fatigue or tiredness.

The big teams (favourite teams) always play more matches including league matches, matches for domestic trophies and international matches (Champions Leagues, Europa League, World Club Champions, Supper Cup etc) than the small teams.

These numerous matches played by big teams make them get tired and let them lose matches against small teams.


Change of Manager: When a team changes a manager, it has a great impact on the team. It’s a fact that the team will either perform better or poorer. If you place a bet on “Win or Win or Draw Market and the team perform poorly, you will lose your bet.


What about betting on a single match?


Whether doing a single bet or an accumulator, you still stand at the risk of losing your bet if you choose “Win” or “Win or Draw” market because of the reasons or factors explained above.

On 8th February 2021, for instance, I did a single bet and put my hard-earned money worth $1,350.00 on Atletico Madrid to win when playing against Celta Vigo. Guess what happened? I lost $1,350.00 on Atlético Madrid alone.

Atletico Madrid being on five winning streaks, first on La Liga table with good form and willing to seize La-Liga title from their big rivals, Barcelona and Real Madrid surprisingly couldn’t “Win” their match at home against Celta Vigo.

On 29th April 2021, none of the football prediction websites I know predicted that Granada would beat Barcelona who wanted to be at the top of the La Liga table and win the league. With the big star, Lionel Messi, Barcelona was beaten by Granada at Camp Nou and the match ended 1:2


Barcelona vrs Granada

    Barcelona 1: 2 Granada


What about Goals?


The goal market is not also a sure way to win a football bet.

Sometimes when you choose “Over”, the end results become “Under.” In other words, when you choose “Both Teams To Score,” you will only see one team scoring.

I supposed to win a bet worth $6,000.00 with a stake of $150.00 on 20th September 2020.


I chose both teams to score market for the match between Chelsea and Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. Luckily, Chelsea got penalty but Jorginho couldn’t score so the match ended 2 Nil in favour of Liverpool. There was no both teams to score and over 2.5 goals.


 Jorginho Misses Penalty 

Liverpool vrs Chelsea Penalty


So, there was no both teams to score and over 2.5 goals.

Chelsea vrs Liverpool

The match ended 2 Nil in favour of Liverpool.

On 21 March 2021, Benevento also beat Juventus 1 to nil at Juventus home ground where Ronaldo played a full-time with the rest of the key players. There was no over 1.5, over 2.5, win or even win or draw for the favourite team, Juventus.


Juventus 0:1 Benevento


l lost $568.00 on Juventus and other Matches



Now, you know the reasons why most football gamblers or punters lose their bet.

The question is "What is the easiest option to win football bets these days?

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